Body languages in a job interview

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The body language says a lot about you. Biting your nails, stirring in your chair, tapping your pen, are small things that denote your mood and also count for the interviewer.

Learn to control body language and use it to your advantage. You can make a great profit if you know what your movements transmit.

You have the preparation, the speech, the experience, the presence and the studies. But does your body know it, or rather, does it make you notice?

Studies show that 55% of verbal communication is in body language. Your body and its movements are those that project security, much more than your tone of voice or what you say. A weak handshake? Do not breathe? Do not you smile? Do you smile too much?

The following advice will help you improve your body language and get that long-awaited job.

Before the interview

Do you think that the evaluation begins when you introduce yourself? The answer is no. A good human resources manager takes into account every detail, even your attitude while you wait.

Show your confidence in yourself with good posture. Keep your back straight, and your chin parallels to the ground. Do not recharge it in your chest because it shows disinterest.

If you are sitting, locate your file folder to the right of your chair. This will reduce those uncomfortable moments when you finally meet your employer and you must squeeze your hand.

The Handshake

Practice a handshake with a friend. That simple act says a lot about you.

You will do it with your left hand. Offer it with the palm slightly pointing up so that the employer’s hand covers yours. This is a sign of his status. Move it firmly, but do not overdo it. You are not preparing a drink.

Never cover the hand of the other with your other hand. This can be a sign that you are a dominant person.

Support your body in the chair

While conversing with the recruiter, sit with a firm posture and throw your back against the back of the chair.

Keep eye contact

Making eye contact with the recruiter shows that you are a trusty person. Of course, do not do it with excessive persistence because it can be considered as an attempt of intimidation. Look at it, but it also looks around.

Do not cross your legs

Experts suggest not crossing the legs during the interview. If the encounter becomes very long, it is likely that the extremity will go to sleep where you support the weight of the other, you must change position and distract your attention and that of the interviewer.

Let your hands speak

If you do not know what to do with your hands while you talk to the employer, use them to gesticulate while you talk. Hidden hands express anxiety and distrust. Show yours without fear.

Believe in yourself. The position is yours!

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