Branding a business

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When we talk about branding, we not only refer to the name of the brand or its logo, but to the whole set of elements that make up its identity and the way in which it is presented to the world. According to Wikipedia:

“Branding is an Anglicism related to the process of making and building a brand.

This set of elements encompass the vision of the company, the personality of the brand, the values that represent them, the market in which they operate, the business objectives and even the language used in their communications. There are seven fundamental elements in the creation of brand identity:

  • Name
  • The logotype
  • Colors
  • The slogan and message of the brand
  • The perception
  • The packaging or presentation
  • The experience

What is the use of Branding in my Business?

The main advantage offered by the creation of branding is differentiation.  There are many similar businesses, even the same with products or services they offer; However, what differentiates them from their audience is their Branding.

Think for a moment about brands like Nike and Adidas or Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which have been rivals for many years; But despite the fact that their products are very similar, they have managed to differentiate themselves from their competitors and capture part of the market.

How to brand your business?

Your Branding must be able to leave a mark, seduce, influence, persuade your current and potential customers, positioning yourself in the customer’s mind and helping to get more sales. It is important to participate in the process of creating your brand. It does not matter if you are not the designer that will graphically capture the result. At the end of slopes, it is the graphic identity of a company. To achieve this, you can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the story behind the business?
  • What values does your business defend and promote?
  • What differentiates them from their competition? What is your unique value proposition?
  • How do you want the relationship with your customers/users to be?
  • Why do your customers choose your products or services?
  • How do you want your brand to be seen?

The best advice when creating your business Branding is that it should provoke emotions in your clients. Look for excellence and be extraordinary in the execution of your services or in the quality of your products.

Branding is the sum of all the sensations, perceptions and experiences that your users have as a result of contact with your business.

Examples of good branding in a business

There are many examples of the good use of Branding in successful businesses in the world, such as the Starbucks brand. Here, the idea of a luxury coffee and a chic place to meet friends is already enshrined in the collective unconscious. Its great success is due to the power of Branding that goes beyond its image; providing a unique experience when tasting a good coffee, with a personalized touch. Also, within an environment designed to evoke the small neighborhood cafés that offer a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

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