Entrepreneurship management

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Entrepreneurship is fashionable. That’s what some say.

The human race has been undertaking for years and years. It is true that the concept of entrepreneurship has been changing in recent decades and more if possible in recent years with the entry of the Internet. Despite the human being, I do not know if by necessity or by nature has had to undertake and the sum of all those entrepreneurs, each in their specific field have done so that today we are in this situation.

It is possible that if the vision of the fleeting entrepreneur is fashionable, that with little you get a great profitability and in an incredibly fast way. A distorted vision of reality but that “sells” a lot.

Behind every idea created, managed and launched has a huge job behind that is often tedious, complicated and convoluted. It does not matter if it is a great idea or the size of the business volume, or whether it is through the internet or not. Be that as it may, much of the success lies in how we manage it.

Therefore, it is critical to have a clear business organization. Let’s be in the phase in which we are that will only provide us with positive elements at the time of launch, team management or sales management.

For such management, it will be necessary to have appropriate management tools for each business. From mobile applications or specialized computer programs suitable for us to the typical message board (blackboard) where we can capture our objectives visually, means that we will use to achieve them.

We must be organized to be the most decisive in the face of day-to-day problems (which are always assumed, but in the long run they take away many hours of productivity). We will gain experience in productivity if we learn from our own mistakes and know how to anticipate problems.

Productivity is a difficult concept to measure. In many occasions the entrepreneur, with such easy access to technology and his work tools, many times 24 hours a day, make it almost impossible for him to be able to disconnect from it, inevitably making his productivity go down considerably. That is why we will have to make efforts to impose spaces, walks, limits on reading and production times. That way we will gain efficiency in our projects.

We will have to learn to prioritize and know how to say NO. Prioritizing is knowing how to locate what is important and differentiating it from what is urgent and focusing efforts on it.

For a good management, the entrepreneur must always be in continuous growth, learning from mistakes, but forming the best he can do to avoid others, such as “how you should document the processes of your business.”

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