Rise and Grind

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Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life (2018) is a motivational book that teaches aspirational professionals how to develop an efficient, ceaseless work ethic that can be used to overcome obstacles and achieve success. The book contains interviews with more than a dozen business creators, celebrities, and media personalities, all of whom recall the foundational experiences that led them to achieve their goals. Their habits and routines are then analyzed and summarized into lessons that can inspire others to push past their limits. As a successful entrepreneur and a mainstay personality on ABC’s Shark Tank, author Daymond John uses examples from his own life to illustrate his core concept: that anyone can achieve great things so long as they are willing to consistently grind toward the desired outcomes. Ghostwriter Daniel Paisner co-wrote Rise and Grind with Daymond John.

There is no uniform set of rules that will guarantee success for every person. Each individual has different needs and talents, which means that there exist a wide variety of workflows for completing specific tasks. However, successful people often share several traits. One of the primary characteristics that accomplished people acquire is a relentless drive to succeed. These professionals are not content to rest once they have conquered their initial missions. They continue to push forward and create new challenges to overcome.

To succeed, aspiring business titans must be willing to spend time and energy on realizing their dreams. Talk alone won’t help a creative venture move forward; only dedicated action will. By creating positive routines, cultivating good networking habits, and diversifying their talents, wannabe entrepreneurs can grow a fledgling business idea into a profitable and innovative venture.

Managing time wisely is an essential component to finding professional success. Business leaders and affluent creators are able to accomplish great things in short amounts of time because they find ways to fill each moment with a meaningful task. Every minute is treated as an opportunity to enhance productivity.

An individual’s rise to the top depends on being able to keep up with changes to his or her industry. Entrepreneurs should treat every moment as an opportunity to improve their businesses. An afternoon of outdoor activities can lead to a great product idea; a birthday party can grow into a multi-year festival that’s attended by thousands. Even going out to a nightclub can present savvy business owners with the chance to meet new people, mingle with friends, and become immersed in the latest cultural movements.

Although successful professionals are always improving their performance, the wisest creators and innovators also look for opportunities to wind down from their day-to-day stresses. Guitarist Carlos Santana starts his day by meditating on the passages he finds most meaningful in his favorite motivational books. Michael Parrella, who created the iLoveKickboxing gym franchise, spends nearly an hour of his day every morning lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. He allows himself ample time for quiet contemplation and reflection before getting started on another day. These practices give achievers a chance to sort out their emotions and priorities so they can better focus on the challenges they need to overcome.

Individuals are unlikely to find success by following every tactic employed by a given successful person. However, by learning from the habits and mistakes that inspirational professionals have made, business owners and artists can find the will to achieve their own goals.

The key insights for “Rise & Grind” book is:

  1. An individual cannot achieve his or her dream without the dedication and hard work.
  2. Goals should not be limited to the professional sphere. Achievers dedicate themselves to improving all areas of their lives.
  3. Someone who is truly dedicated to a goal will pursue that dream, even if it means going against the counsel of family or friends.
  4. Innovators and creative professionals are always focused on their craft, even when they are not practicing their abilities.
  5. Implementing daily and weekly rituals can vastly improve time management. Routines can help meet emotional and spiritual needs.
  6. Successful individuals find ways to accomplish their goals, despite their disadvantages.
  7. Creative business owners are always searching for profitable ideas and beneficial partnerships.
  8. Finding ways to rejuvenate and prevent burnout is crucial for continued success.

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