The 10X Rule

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The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by real estate mogul Grant Cardone is a no-holds-barred exhortation for people to aim higher and work harder. By employing this discipline, people can render themselves impervious to even the most unforeseeable of obstacles.
Success is available for anyone who wants to seize it. Regardless of background, intellect, wealth, or personality, anyone can achieve great things by multiplying their goals by 10. Once they set a lofty goal, people must then multiply their efforts by 10 in order to achieve it. At no point along the way, even when the going gets rough, should an unreasonable goal be re-calibrated to make it easier to reach. Instead, individuals must further increase their efforts and actions to reach the initial goal.
Far too often, people seek to remove the weight of responsibility for success or failure from themselves. It is much easier to cope with failure if it is perceived as something that just happens rather than as the result of an individual’s or a group’s actions. Following the 10X rule requires that people first take matters into their own hands and view past failings with personal responsibility. Then, the individual must take action on an enormous scale.
Talent is not enough. A great product or idea is not enough. There is no great success without vast amounts of effort and action. Frequently, people underestimate the amount of work that it will take to reach a goal. This is a mistake. The most successful individuals in both life and business are the ones who are willing to do the work that the average person would not do. Only by refusing to accept an average level of success can an individual rise to great heights.
The key takeaways for “The 10X Rule” book is:
  1. To achieve success, people must multiply all their goals and actions by 10.
  2. Anyone can achieve success using the 10X rule, regardless of education level, economic status, or personality.
  3. It is a person’s ethical duty to achieve success.
  4. The 10X rule can apply to any aspect of a person’s life. It is not confined to the business world.
  5. The only way to move forward is to set an unreasonably large goal.
  6.  Virtually every roadblock people face stems from inaction.
  7. Being competitive is not a helpful tool for achieving success. Rather, a person should seek not to compete, but to dominate.
  8. To achieve a 10X goal, a person must not underestimate how difficult it will be or how much hard work is required.

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