The Power of Broke

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The Power of Broke emphasizes that money does not make the entrepreneur. Successful businesspeople seek creative solutions and are able to resolve challenges without simply buying their way out of them.

The Internet has democratized the retail experience. Today, a business or an entrepreneur does not need to find a big-box buyer or a major investor to get their idea into the hands of the customer. With free outlets such as social media at their disposal, entrepreneurs can gain market awareness without spending a single penny on television ads or billboards. But this new ability to reach the consumer directly has led to a horde of competing entrepreneurs and a high failure rate. Understanding how to use today’s democratized retail ecosystem to succeed is a matter of effectively harnessing the power of broke.

The right business decisions are often not the costliest. An entrepreneur who is hungry for success and has a broke mindset will pursue the creative option, not the easiest one, which can often be more expensive and less effective. These types of do-or-die behaviors can ultimately lead to a company being innovative and successful in the long run.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can empower themselves by looking past their limited financial means to harness the virtue and strength of their idea and product. At the same time, longstanding entrepreneurs and established corporations should remember to remain hungry and driven, rather than complacent, long after their past successes have become industry history. No company is too big to think broke.

The main key takeaways for this book are:

  1. Money does not make a company—but it can break a company.
  2. Authenticity speaks to customers. Now more than ever, you are your brand.
  3. A brand does not launch with the product. A brand grows, evolves, and develops organically through smart leadership over time.
  4. To achieve and maintain success, entrepreneurs must get hungry and stay hungry.
  5. Setting goals will give an entrepreneur a roadmap to success.
  6. Do research to know where your product or company fits both historically and contextually.
  7. Love what you do so that if necessary, you’re willing to do it for free.
  8. An entrepreneur must view every opportunity as the doorway to the next opportunity.

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