The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams (1994) by bestselling author and New Age thought leader Deepak Chopra outlines essential spiritual wisdom for how to achieve success. Success is not simply about acquiring prestige and wealth. A spiritual approach to success encompasses fulfillment, healthy relationships, joy, ease, abundance, and overall well being.

Everything in existence is an expression of divinity. Prosperity is the result of being in alignment with the universal, divine flow of positivity. When acting in accordance with the seven basic universal laws, people are in harmony with the universe and their divine nature, which is also known as the Self.

The first spiritual law is the Law of Pure Potentiality, which states that human beings are, at the most elemental level, pure consciousness, possessing limitless creativity, possibilities, wisdom, and peace. Harnessing pure potentiality means focusing on the essential divine nature within, instead of on external markers of success.

The second spiritual law, the Law of Giving, states that the more people give freely, the more they receive freely. Giving without expectations results in the universe returning what was given in abundance.

The third spiritual law is the Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect. According to this law, every action creates an in-kind response. The present moment is a result of all one’s past choices, for better or worse.

The fourth spiritual law is the Law of Least Effort, which states that the natural flow of life is effortless. Just as flowers don’t need to try to bloom, when people are immersed in their true nature, they don’t need to try to achieve affluence. It simply comes to them.

The fifth spiritual law is the Law of Intention and Desire. Everything in the universe represents energy and information. People can tap into this existing energy to manifest their desires. The first step is to focus their intentions on a desire. The energy of this focus connects one to the field of pure potentiality, where anything is possible. The field of pure potentiality is the means by which miracles occur, as it can conjure infinite possibilities that are not hindered by rational thought.

According to the sixth spiritual law, the Law of Detachment, all attachments to outcomes must be relinquished to allow success to flow freely. After setting intentions, letting go of fixed outcomes enables the power of pure potentiality to be fully unleashed.

The seventh spiritual law is the Law of Dharma, or Purpose in Life, which states that everyone has a unique mission to fulfill while existing in a physical body. Tapping into this unique mission is an expression of divinity.

The seven spiritual laws work in accordance with one another, and each can be applied in everyday life. There is also a sequence to the laws. For example, the first law, of the field of pure potentiality, is galvanized when the second law of giving and receiving is enacted. Understanding and engaging with the first six laws naturally leads to the seventh and final law, finding purpose in life.

When a spiritual approach to success is applied to everyday life, people recognize their inherent divinity. As a result, fulfillment, happiness, and well being naturally follow.

The key insights for this book are:

  1. True power is accessed and exercised by experiencing the Self.
  2. Giving and receiving should be done with the intention of generating happiness for all involved.
  3. Making conscious decisions that will bring happiness to everyone involved generates positive karma.
  4. Relinquishing the need to explain or defend situations or choices allows people to live fully in the present moment.
  5. When detached from outcomes, heightened presence naturally occurs, connecting to the field of pure potentiality.
  6. As long as an intention is made in accordance with the Self, the universe will handle details of manifesting dreams into reality.
  7. Detachment is rooted in a belief in the Self to deliver success, harmony, and abundance.
  8. When people are immersed in their individual talents, they feel as though time stands still.

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